27 August 2015


Manado, North Sulawesi, Roadshow is further action of library socialization promotion program and launching of Indonesian reading movement. Surveys show that the intelligence of the figures of the world and science because of their fondness of reading and learning. Roadshow is one of means of introducing the existence of role and the progress of the National Library throughout Indonesia are also part of the national development program. Main Secretary of the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia Dedi Junaedi emphasized the importance of library socialization publications and penchant fondness should be done continuously. Dedi explained in his report that a series of publications is packaged in a talk show in Manado presents Cultural Observer Sulut Stanley Parengkuan and Finalists of Putri Indonesia 2013 Novia Indriani Mamuaja and Head of BPAD North Sulawesi Maxi GM Gagola, various competitions of elementary, junior and senior high schools, storytelling, exhibitions and other entertainment. “Until 2014 roadshow was conducted in 22 provinces”, he added.

Regional Secretary of North Sulawesi Province Siswa Rachmad Mokodongan in delivering the greeting speech of the Governor of North Sulawesi explains that the library plays an important role in promoting education, because the library provides various types of books that can be used as a reference so as to strengthen the insight and form a mindset. Libraries also as a place for lifelong learning in order to educate the nation as set forth in Law No. 43 of 2007 concerning the Library. All are intended to increase human resources in supporting the national development. “Therefore fondness of reading should be improved and promoted because by reading we can obtain a wide range of knowledge and insight to work both locally, regionally and internationally and expected to be able to compete in the global arena”, he explained.

Head of the National Library Sri Sularsih explained through this roadshow is expected to build a perception and synergistic and dynamic movement in developing intelligent and innovative community through reading fondness and empowering library as a means for lifelong learning. Sri Sularsih also describes efforts to create a prosperous Indonesian society must necessarily have the quality resources pursued through education. “Education is learning and reading here is the role of the library function which is the source of knowledge”, she said. Sri Sularsih through the National Library encourages various libraries in Indonesia through various stimulants such as mobile libraries and also floating libraries throughout Indonesia as well as assistance of collection and library facilities for the public or community libraries or reading park or hospitals, health centers, houses of worship or boarding school including prisons, fishing ports, rural / small islands, coastal areas and the outer islands. “Through these activities made as a strategic forum to build unity and commitment of the community concerned to reading culture by the spirit of library educate the nation embody the smart Indonesia in 2019 through reading fondness. Let’s take advantage of the library for the successful generation is the generation that is fond of reading”, she concluded.

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