14 August 2015

The Selection of Outstanding Librarian 2015

Tugu Tani, Central Jakarta – the event of selection of outstanding librarian at national level held again by the National Library in Jakarta, (14/8). The annual event attended by 27 best librarian of each province. During the quarantine, they follow a number of judging stages that require maximum ability of the librarians.

Head of Librarian Development Center Opong Sumiati said that the event of outstanding librarian aims to give best reward for the librarian, develop professionalism, improve the quality and work ethic of the librarian, develop knowledge about library and librarianship, and encourage the development of information cooperation in library and librarianship. “Librarian is the strategic partner of the National Library in the dissemination of the important role of the library as source of knowledge and information for the people,” she said.

In the first stage, all participants followed cognitive test that include multiple choice and essay. The test material related to the definition of the library and librarians in accordance with Law, profession ethic code, service system, digital library, collection, DDC, profession organization, and the things related to library and librarianship in this era.

The next stage, the participants according to serial number raffle follow closed interview stage assessed by all of the judges. The last stage all of the librarian participants follow open presentation seen by all participants and the judges. The presentation material randomly selected by each participant. Five topics of presentation have been prepared by the judges in advance. The topics given are related to library and librarianship in Indonesia.

The execution of the outstanding librarian this year is not followed by the seven provinces, among others, Kepulauan Riau, Bangka-Belitung, Banten, Kalimantan Utara, Gorontalo, Maluku Utara, and Papua Barat. The absence of the provinces is due to some factors, such as there is no librarian who meet the requirements and there is no librarian event at the level of province.

The head of the National Library Sri Sularsih reaffirmed that become a librarian is a noble work. A profession which requires open attitude to the advancement of science, information and technology as well as be able to contribute effectively for the advancement of library and librarian. The event of outstanding librarian selection is one of means of librarian development and an effort to give appreciation to the achievement of the librarian and good image from librarian profession.

Indonesia currently faced an era of Masyarakat Ekonomi ASEAN (MEA) / ASEAN Economy Community. MEA requires the ability of qualified resources in order to be competitive in all professional fields, including librarians. Librarians should not ignore the related dynamics, but rather encouraged to motivate himself to remain in existence to contribute to the development of libraries and librarians. Librarian of Indonesia needs to be developed in order to face the era of free trade, especially in the ASEAN region. “It is a challenge for librarians,” said the Head of the National Library when giving directives.

The success of librarians to improve their quality of profession and work ethic may be comparable straight with the progress of the library. The people need librarian as bridge of information and knowledge so that every information of knowledge desired by the people can be absorbed well. Do not forget another important task, namely continue to promote the potential of public reading interest.

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