04 September 2015

Roadshow of the National Library 2015 : Reading open the Gate of Knowledge

Malang, East Java – one form of awareness made by the Malang city government to make people fond of visiting the library is by building library in each village / wards. Such efforts have been initiated from 2015. This was stated by Vice Mayor of Malang Sutiaji during talk show of library and reading interest in the framework of the Library Roadshow 2015, (31/8). “Plan in the future, each village will be mapped its interest in reading, then we held a roadshow of libraries in villages / wards.”

The support of Malang City Government to the development of library is not limited to the addition of funds to increase the number of collections, but also to prepare the units of motorcycles as a means of mobile library that will go round the whole RT / RW. Strengthening efforts are believed by Malang City Government to be able to raise the public desire to be fond of reading.

Malang, is recognized by the National Library has become one of the regions that have adequate library infrastructure. The library in Malang has been equipped with a collection of braille and children’s reading room which is wide enough. The current focus of attention is how to encourage the public to be willing to make the library as one of the attractive destinations that must be visited.

The understanding that means of seeking knowledge must be in school actually is not wrong but it also must be straightened. Libraries as changing times continue to improve itself in order not to be abandoned by the public.

Completeness of collection, skills and services of the librarians, adequate ICT facilities, and the adding of other visual is considered to be able to attract the library user and public. So it is right to say that the library is considered as a means of lifelong learning. “So, despite of studying in school is important. Do not ignore the role of the library where the public can also obtain millions of knowledge,” said Agus Sunyoto cultural observer of Malang.

Cultural observer agree that if cultivating the reading fondness should start early. So the most important thing for them, is to introduce a variety of picture books / stories, rather than starting with the writing. Their fondness of reading materials that must first be grown. Over time, reading skills is usually followed by a writing skills. “Keep in mind since children that reading would open the gate of knowledge.”

When growing into teenagers, their reading habits from childhood could be decrease. They will be more active and fun to play Mobile phone, gadgets, devices, and internet. Physically what they read changed from the book into all kinds of technology. The teenagers started to have wrong reading interest. “Interest in reading interpreted by reading short messages (SMS), facebook status, twitter, or whatssapp message,” said musician Budi Doremi commented on the behavior of today teenagers of Indonesia.

Entertainment in the form of audio visual is more desirable because it is more interesting to enjoy. As a result, the television become a “new teacher”. Gadget is more preferable than books. Gadgets are necessary, but should not be the only way to search for all the information needed. Book, is the object that is capable of providing complete information. Unlike gadgets that are often not fully inform (in part). At this stage, the role of the family became dominant, especially in the process of growing fond of reading. Reading is important for the growth and development of individual and spiritual intelligence,” added the head of the National Library Sri Sularsih.

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