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Panji Jayakusuma : Raja Jenggala memerintahkan anak tertuanya Raden Nilaprabangsa menjadi wakil dirinya melamarkan putri Kediri untuk Raden Panji
Provenance: National Library of Indonesia
Panji Jayakusuma : Raden Jayaasmara, Menak Cahu, dan Menak Agung datang menghadap raja Bali, Jayalengkara. Mereka ingin mengabdi kepada raja Bali.
Provenance: KBG 139 hlm 294-295, National Library of Indonesia
Panji Jayakusuma : . Jayasentika memaksa masuk ke kraton. Pertempuran antara mereka tak dapat dihindarkan
Provenance: KBG 139 hlm 523-524, National Library of Indonesia
Panji Jayakusuma : Jayasentika menyerahkan surat Jayakusuma kepada Menak Agung.
Provenance: KBG 139 hlm 539-540, National Library of Indonesia
Panji Jayakusuma : Jayakusuma menunggang kuda dan Jayalengkara mengendarai gajah. Mereka sudah berhadapan dan kemudian terjadi perang tanding
Provenance: KBG 139 hlm 641-642, National Library of Indonesia


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26 May 2015 s/d 29 May 2015
16 th Congress of Southeast Asian Librarians (16 th CONSAL) Meeting and General Conference : "ASEAN knowledge : Library for Sustainable Advancement"

10 November 2014 s/d 13 November 2014
Indonesian Digital Library Conference (KPDI) 7

24 October 2014 s/d 30 October 2014
Exhibition of Panji Story - Manuscript Collection of National Library with the theme: Panji Story as the World Cultural Heritage

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15th Consal Meeting and General Conference
(28-31 May 2012)

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Denpasar, Bali – While holding a crayon, their fingers move swiftly. All sides of the picture is colored on a piece of paper. What can be seen from the picture is a group of children are having fun of reading books in a library. Some of them are standing, sitting neatly, and even lying down. At the top of the library there is a text that reads “Library is The Smart Way to be Smart”.

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