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Talk Show of “Library is Indonesian Family’s Best Fiend”: Family is the Early Reading Raiser

14 June 2013, (Friday)

Salemba, Jakarta—Human Development Index (IPM) on 2012 showed that Indonesia was in the 124th position from 187 country in the world, especially in meeting the basic needs of the citizen (education, health, and literary). With total population of more than 200 million peoples, there are only 50 millions books issued per year. It means that, on average, one book is read by five people. Some surveys also showed that reading interest in Indonesia is low if being compare with the other Asia counties. In fact, Indonesia is left far behind Singapore or Malaysia.
The low of reading interest in this Country is not without any reason. Factors obstructing reading interest are society economic conditions, the spread of TV entertainments, the growth of recreation/tourism places, and the unaffordable price of book. “Books have not been considered as necessity,” said Ray Sahetapy, an actor, when he became the speaker in the Talk Show of “Library is Indonesian Family’s Best Fiend”, Jakarta, Wednesday, (13/6).
The condition encountered today is a reality that this country people are closer to oral tradition than to reading tradition. Then, at the time of the high oral tradition, audio visual technology appears offering a range of entertainment which are not only able to be heard be also able to be seen. This condition further make the people far from reading tradition, because watching and listening traditions are far easier and more comfortable than reading tradition. “Whereas, a family is the site for parents to raise early reading habits,” said Head of National Library Sri Sularsih.
The present of television has encouraged people to think better from cities to outlaying places. Unfortunately, programs watched are dominated with entertainment shows and serials selling dreams. Watching and reading activities shall be in balance.
Family as the front guard shall be able to be a model of routine reading activities at home. Parents shall be back with the elder habits to read newspaper, magazine, novel or books. The development of science and technology which has issued gadgets shall be utilized to grow reading hobby. “I grew from a reading family. My parents also had a library,” said the member of President Consideration Board (Wantimpres), Meutia Hatta.
Through reading, the daughter of Proclamator Mohammad Hatta continued, we can learn languages, characters, basic daintiness and classifications. Watching television habit shall be limited, so that there is more spare time to read. All of people need entertainment, but it should not cut down the reading and socialization time. “It shall be applied.”
The transformation from oral tradition to visual tradition not only weakens reading tradition but also vanishes people sensitivity toward reading material (books). On the other hand, there is culture stagnation which traps Indonesian people in oral tradition.
Efforts to develop reading interest shall be aligned with the need for development. Society shall be given with the quality reading materials in order to anticipate the science and technology development. Law Number 25 year 2000 on National Development Program (Propenas) explained that library is an important education resource in improving pre-school, basic education and medium education qualities.
In this modern live with the very fast development and distribution of information, library has significant roles. Library has become the spirit of this nation and the symbol of human culture. For developing country such as Indonesia, the improvement of human resource shall be conducted fast in order to anticipate the global condition and world advancement. Library utilization is one of ways to improve the human resource quality.
So far, person utilizing library is known as bookworm. It , said the communicarion expert Effendy Gazali, is a wrong paradigm. Wormbook title is not far different from the other title which has negative meaning. “It is an intelectual crime,” he said clearly. Moreover, some people still have thought that a library is a disposal place.

Provenance: Source: Hartoyo D

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